Our surf spots ..


Main Locations

Location 1 - Smiths beachDepending on the time of the year and sand formations/sand bars it can be a 5 -15 minute walk up the beach from the main carpark at the bottom of Smiths Beach road - near the Smiths Beach Resort. This car park has restrooms and a shower. We Have a permit to have the car and trailer down on the beach, meaning all the equipment is waiting for you at the surf, on the beach. Smiths beach can be accessed from the north end off Yallingup Beach road too, Torpedo Rocks Car park then follow the cape to cape track down to the beach.

Location 2 - Yallingup Lagoon/Reef. Meet in the main car park near the play ground, there are public restrooms and showers and the Shanna cafe in this location. Yallingup has a few surf breaks, the other used location is Shallows/Yallingup cliffs. The meeting point to this is at the end of Dawson Drive, then veer left into the last car park in the national park. We meet in the car park at this location, then walk the boards down to the beach.

Location 3 - Bunker Bay Parking is at the Bunkers Beach house and meeting at the car park or also we have a permit to have the car and trailer on the beach.

Other Locations

Location 4 - Eagle Bay Meet in the car park next to the beach, near the public restrooms and showers. 

Location 5 - Meelup Meet in car park near public restrooms and showers.

Location 6 - Pt Puiquet Meet in the car park.